About Us

Andy King founded Acumen Healthcare in January 1999.  He has significant ASC experience on a national basis with Medical Care International and Columbia/HCA’s Ambulatory Surgery Division. From 1983-84, Andy helped Medical Care International grow from 4 ASCs to well over 100 ASCs by the time “Medical Care” was acquired by HCA in September 1994.

He stayed on as senior officer in HCA’s Ambulatory Surgery Division while the number of ASCs increased to approximately 150.  A high portion of the 150 ASCs provides GI services in addition to the other specialties. Andy left HCA in late 1998 to form what became Acumen Healthcare.  Acumen’s management team is comprised of experienced ASC industry professionals.

Our Team

Andrew T. King – President & Founder

Carolyn Axley – Vice-President of Operations

James Dauterive – Vice-President of Accounting & Finance

Tina King – Vice-President of Business Operations

Lacey Dyer – Manager of Clinical Operations & Inventory Control

Donna Waters – Manager of Business Operations

Brittany West – Senior Accountant