Management Philosophy

1. We believe in developing state-of-the art centers offering the highest quality personal healthcare services to the community in a cost-conscious manner while providing an optimal environment for the physician users of the Center.

2. We believe the surgeon-patient relationship is the basic building block of outpatient surgery, the raison d’être.

3. Do Things Right, right by the patients, by the Center, by the partners and by its employees.

4. We believe in a decentralized local approach to Center operations, with a focus on high quality, personal care in a cost conscious environment.

5. Our number one goal is to Have our Centers meet or exceed their financial goals and the expectations of the participants. We have no secondary agendas. We do not intend to participate in a large number of projects — we’re not “going public”, we have no venture capital, because we feel that to do it right, one needs to focus on the task at hand.

6. We are interested in building successful businesses for our physician affiliates. Our track record in the development and operation of diverse opportunities across the nation for varied clients and partners (physicians, hospital and managed care groups) attests to that fact.